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Our staff at Tessa Szwagierczak Professional Corp is dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. We offer a variety of accounting and financial services to meet your personal and business needs. Contact us today for more information.

Tessa Szwagnierczak



Tessa is an excellent example of how more and more people are succeeding in the business world today. After working many years in both the management and accounting fields, Tessa succeeded in attaining the well-respected Certified General Accountant designation. Tessa strongly believes that continued professional education and development is essential to remaining competitive in today’s ever-changing tax environment. She is an active member in good standing of the Lacombe District Chamber of Commerce and the Blackfalds District Chamber of Commerce.

As a professional accountant, Tessa provides exemplary financial reporting coupled with solid business advice to guide your business into the future. Continued support throughout the year is a key component of her tax planning services in Lacombe, Alberta.

Getting advice on effectively organizing your business records leads to more accurate financial reporting with ancillary benefits such as increasing your sales and services, maximizing your after-tax income, and minimizing your tax liability. Swift, efficient and accurate information is the foundation of a successful business in today’s business world.

So what does this mean for you? You gain the freedom to focus on your core operations, profitability and your future, while Tessa provides you with a full range of professional tax planning services & more in Lacombe, Alberta. 

Tessa and her business associates are committed to providing highly trained and friendly service. We invite you to make an appointment today to further discuss the services you need. Evening and weekend appointments are available.



Sandra started working with our firm in February of 2008. Sandra has her Bachelor of Commerce and a Business Administration diploma; both majoring in accounting, as well as her certificate of Management. She has been bookkeeping for over 13 years and is considered a valuable member of our team. Sandra lives east of Lacombe on acreage with her husband and two small children. She currently holds the senior book keeper title at the office.

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